Our Story

In the early 80s, my hero and oldest brother, Michael, was the cool DJ in the suburbs of Stockholm where we grew up. I spent a lot of time in his room, watching him practice in front of the turntables with his awesome headphones. 

The cone shaped headphones were a piece of art. They had a sound quality that is hard to find these days. Today, most manufacturers focus on playful colors and fashionable styling instead of the perfect sound and functional design. 

Michael studied engineering and had a ”thing” for Hi-Fi. He wanted his crowd to experience this perfect sound on the dance floor. He began building his own loudspeakers that he attached to the rig he used on the dance floor. 

Almost immediately, people began asking where they could buy these amazing loudspeakers. This is how Street Sound Electronics was born. Is it any surprise that I followed his tracks and became a DJ for 10 years?

Passionate Hobby Turned Rewarding Family Partnership

Michael started to build loudspeakers for his friends and fans in our parents’ garage, but he was always more focused on the sound than the profit. As a result, Street Sound Electronics remained primarily a hobby project. 

30 years later, as best friends and brothers, we started to reminisce about that time and the passion that has never faded—his passion for the perfect sound and my passion for the perfect design. We decided to develop the best everyday headphones ever, both in terms of the perfect sound as well as a stunning design. 

We wanted our headphones to be the ones you always ”have with you” wherever you are, whether it’s commuting to work, traveling, at home, at the gym, or during any other of life’s adventures. Not only this, but they would also have adapt to the new Smartphone era with microphone and remote for full functionality in a technologically advanced age.

Street Sound Labs is the project and Vain Sound is the brand we created. These are the headphones for the audibly intelligent person who wants the perfect design and superb sound quality in one everyday use headphone set. 

We have poured our focus into the manufacturing process to give you the most affordable quality sound and design in existence. Our hope for you is that you experience the ultimate in listening pleasure and become a member of our audibly passionate family for life.

Mathias Klingvall

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